HOliday Craft fair

November + December

Calling all artisans! The Freedom Farmers Market at the Carter Center is proud to announce the 3rd appearance of its curated Holiday Craft Fair. Any local artisan or independent shop is welcome to sell wares to our weekly audience of around 2000 visitors. To be elligible you must provide:

- A 10 x 10 foot tent.
- Tables or display area
- A credit card swiper or the ability to take cash or check.
- Proof of authenticity, or creation within the United States.

An appearance fee of $45/market is due at the end of each day. Load in begins at 7:00 am. Please refrain from take down until after 1:00 pm.

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The name of your business
What do you intend to sell?
Website of your business or Etsy page, if applicable.